Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How to Find the Right Caterer

Catered events do not just happen. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, corporate event, anniversary, or birthday party. There is also a great deal that goes into choosing the right caterer. Here’s a list of what to look for when it comes time to find the right caterer for your next event.

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The Right Experience

Not all catering services are the same. That means that not every caterer is equipped to handle specific events. For example, a caterer service that hosts a lot of weddings may not be the right type of caterer to handle your corporate event. Check out what kind of events different caterers have done in the past and go with one that has experience in handling your particular theme.

The Right Taste

At any kind of catered event, there is going to be an ample amount of food that is served. The only way to test that food is to taste it. Most reputable caterers will permit some kind of tasting as an example of what the client can expect. So venture out and let your taste buds be the judge of the catering menus.

The Right Service

One of the requisite parts of any catered event is being served. Caterers should have certain standards when it comes to service. Ask about these standards and never forget to ask about how much staff will be working during the event. It is a must to make sure every guest is accounted for at a catered event.

Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger at The Miracle on the Hudson - Flight 1549 Homecoming Event

The Right Leader

Find out who is in charge of running the events within each catering service. The best food will be all for naught if the nightly itinerary does not run smoothly. Meeting the event coordinator, the person who will be overseeing everything, is a must. Feeling comfortable with that person goes a long way towards a successful event.

The Right Price

Budget is a primary concern when it comes to any event. There is no sense meeting with a caterer you cannot afford. So before doing any type of investigating, make sure that the catering price is right for you.

SMS Catering Services Charlotte hosts all kinds of events in its own banquet hall as well as providing off site catering services. There is an abundance of options for customers to choose from. SMS Catering Charlotte  can make your next event one to remember.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Nuances of Planning a Catered Corporate Event

Catering Charlotte corporate events comes with its own set of nuances. It is not like an ordinary get-together or a 25th wedding anniversary. Therefore, it is imperative to find a caterer who can meet all the demands that come with catering a corporate event. Here’s a look at some of the nuances of planning a catered corporate event.

Menus With Options

The point of a corporate event is to try and appease all those in attendance. That fact is important to remember when planning a catering menu. Regardless of the theme, there should be plenty of options for everyone. For example, when serving dinners, there should always be a vegetarian dish. And when breakfast is the choice meal, be sure to include a wide variety.

The Importance of Formality

Many corporate events are formal ones. This is where it helps to hire a caterer that is well versed in that type of setting. Those particular caterers are usually well aware of how important things like appearance, service and high standards of food are to the overall event. For formal events, it is recommended to go with a caterer who has done similar events in the past.


Businesses operate on a daily schedule, so a corporate event should follow the same regimen. There should be a time allotted for such things as a cocktail hour, meet and greet, presentations, or guest speakers. The demands of that itinerary should be able to be met by the catering service. The time of the event may also play a part in deciding whether or not a wet bar would be provided.

Finger Food

At corporate events, there is always a lot of mingling going on. Serving hor d'oeuvres provides guests with a chance to mingle and still get some food. Choosing to serve some type of butlered finger food is a good way to create a lot of networking.

Service Attire

Most corporate events require business attire for its guests. The attire of the service staff should also reflect the event, which means staff members should be dressed accordingly. Having service staff dressed in a formal manner will contribute to the overall mood of the event.

SMS Catering Services handles corporate events for all occasions. Regardless of the theme, the SMS staff will work to ensure a successful event. For the best corporate catering Charlotte has to offer, contact the experienced team of professionals at SMS Catering Services.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Watch Out! For These Wedding Venue Fees

Planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with excitement. Part of that process is selecting the wedding venue in Charlotte that is right for you. When that time comes, here are some hidden fees to watch out for.

Overtime Fees

Many wedding receptions extend past the designated time they are supposed to end. In these instances, it is usually at the request of the bride and groom. However, that does not mean the newlyweds will always know what the final cost will be. When selecting a wedding venue, be sure to ask about every overtime charge just in case you make a last-minute decision to extend your wedding reception.

Total Taxes

Many wedding venues will quote you a price, but your final bill winds up being higher than that quote. Why is that? Most times, it is because they did not include the taxes. When spending thousands of dollars, taxes can add up in a hurry. This can bring your total to more than what you might have expected to pay. Be sure to get all the fine details about your wedding catering services to avoid unwanted fees.

Early Entry

A lot of times, wedding vendors will need to get access to the venue before the actual ceremony or reception begins. In some cases, wedding venues could make the claim that early entry prevents them from having another event and could charge you accordingly. Find out for certain what time your vendors can have access without any additional charge.

Cake-Cutting Fees

The whole concept of a venue charging you a fee to cut a cake seems rather absurd. But it is a tactic used when the wedding cake is not purchased from the wedding venue’s pastry kitchen. It is almost a way to penalize you for not ordering directly from their catering menu.

Corkage Fees

Wedding venues usually make a good deal of money on the sale of wine. But if you are supplying the wine, that is a lot less money in their pockets. To compensate, some wedding venues will add a corkage fee. This means the venue will charge you for each bottle you bring that is consumed at the venue. This could wind up negating a lot of what you would save by supplying your own wine.

When it comes time to select your wedding venue, SMS Catering Services North Carolina has everything you need all in one place. With a spacious banquet hall and the best catering Charlotte has to offer, SMS Catering Services has everything you need to make your wedding day one that is truly memorable.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How to Select the Right Wedding Venue for You

Weddings are more than just one-time events. There is a lengthy selection and planning process that goes along with it. That includes choosing the right Charlotte wedding venues. Here are some helpful tips couples can use to select the right venue for their wedding.

catered wedding, wedding reception sign

Make a Checklist

When it comes to start looking at wedding venues, go into each visit prepared. It’s a good idea for couples to put together a checklist of everything they want on their wedding day. Many times, couples get caught up in the moment when visiting wedding venues and they start to consider options that do not coincide with their original plans. Be exact when making your checklist and keep it handy when touring a venue.

See the Season

Most couples are not looking to get married right away, which means each venue will probably look a little different when your big day comes around. Make sure the seasonal fit is the right one. If you are visiting an outdoor wedding venue in the fall, it is going to have a different look in the spring.

Ask the Vendors

For most weddings, couples will hire a photographer, DJ, florist and other kinds of vendors. Don’t hesitate to ask each of them their thoughts on the different wedding venues you are considering. Chances are that those vendors have been to each venue and can offer an objective opinion.

Map the Route

Guests are going to need to get to your wedding, so it is important to consider the drive time and traffic patterns to a particular venue. Friday night weddings can be difficult for commuters and traffic could cause them to miss the ceremony altogether. Being mindful of the navigation process can make the process of choosing a venue a lot easier.

Record Info

Taking notes, snapping pictures and asking questions is an essential part of choosing the right venue. Don’t hesitate to say whatever is on your mind and don’t be shy when it comes to taking photos. Collecting as much information as possible is extremely helpful. It is also a valuable way to compare different venues against one another.

SMS Catering Services NC has a vast amount of experience hosting all types of weddings. Equipped with a spacious Charlotte banquet hall, ceremonies and receptions can be done at the same site. When it comes time to search for the best Charlotte wedding venues, look no further than SMS Catering Services.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Casual Corporate Event Ideas

Not every corporate affair or event has to be a formal one. There are plenty of occasions that call for a more casual setting and may even allow you to leave the black tie at home. Here’s a look at some more casual ideas for your next corporate gathering.

These affairs may not necessarily be in the mold of traditional picnics. They are held outdoors and often include festivities and attractions such as group sports and fun competitions. Attire is often expected to be sporty and casual, but not too revealing or formal.

These types of functions provide a backyard type of feel. Food choices can range from BBQ pork to hamburgers and hot dogs…. or our famous NC Style BBQ Catering! This can create a different kind of company experience as corporate walls are often broken down by the simplicity and informality that comes with a backyard barbecue.

SMS Catering Hawaiian Menu: whole roast pig & bbq pork butts

Pig Roasts
A pig roast is more than just providing a different type of cuisine, it provides a laid back atmosphere where people can mingle without any kind of office pressure. There can also be a Hawaiian theme to accompany a pig roast, which opens the pallet of food options up to some of the more exotic varieties of dishes and cuisines.

A company gathering for brunch combines the elements of breakfast and lunch, just as it combines the elements of business and casual. These types of events often go off without pretentiousness and create a more relaxed and casual feel. They are also recommended to be held on off days.

catered business luncheon or brunchSeasonal Events
Holiday-themed parties can have a more casual element as evidenced by the menu. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your co-workers and serve a corned beef and cabbage feature dish. The month of October is a perfect time to celebrate German heritage with an Oktoberfest menu. Of course, October holds another great holiday, Halloween. Have a costume party of just have fun! Drinks optional, of course.

Super Bowl Parties
There could be a tailgate theme to your casual corporate Super Bowl party which centers on the game of football. The use of party trays and buffet trays are an excellent way to create a casual atmosphere at your company Super Bowl party and the big game helps give everyone a way to connect.
SMS Catering provides catering services for all kinds of corporate events. If you are looking for a more casual setting, we have an abundance of alternatives that will make for a memorable experience with either your colleagues or your family. Let us make your next event something special by calling SMS catering services, located in Charlotte, NC.

Monday, January 14, 2019

How to Choose the Right Wedding Caterer

Searching for a wedding caterer should not be a chore that is taken lightly. Your special day should unfold exactly how you envisioned and hiring the right caterer could go a long way towards turning that vision into reality. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, try out these helpful hints when making your decision.

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See for yourself

Don’t just take the caterer’s word for it. Drop by an event to see how things look with your own eyes. The best way to gauge just how a catering company operates is to see them in action. Tastings only shows you so much, but an actual event tells the real story.

Read reviews

Any reputable catering company is going to have a good amount of previous customers, some of whom are going to share their thoughts. Customer reviews will give you a firsthand account of how their event turned out, search online and ask the company if they have any references from recent events.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Caterers will offer potential clients a variety of options when it comes to decorating the wedding venue. Ask to see pictures of past events as you will want to match descriptions with actual images. That includes everything from table settings to the overall décor to the wedding menu.

Server to guest ratio

To ensure your big day goes smoothly, you will need an ample amount of wait staff to serve your guests. Be sure to get exact numbers on exactly how many servers there will be at your event so you can be sure everyone is covered.

elegant table setting for wedding catering in NC

Level of involvement

Some catering services put out the food and that is pretty much the extent of their duties. Other caterers will take on a role more congruent with that of a wedding planner. You need to know how much you can expect out of your caterer on your wedding day.

Final head count

You don’t want to overpay for your wedding so you need to know the cutoff date for adding or subtracting guests. When you are paying a per plate cost, those numbers could add up rather quickly and you will want some leeway when adjusting your final head count.

SMS Catering Services NC covers all the basics and provides working solutions to all customer questions and concerns. Every wedding is a top priority to SMS Catering. Equipped with a fully-trained and perfectly mannered staff that will attend to all of your wedding reception needs, you can do it all with one call to SMS.


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