Thursday, February 20, 2020

Plenty of Reasons to Get Together at SMS Banquet Hall

There are common reasons for people to gather. Many times these events take place outside of a home or office to utilize a space better intended for this purpose such as an amphitheater, ballroom, or banquet hall in Charlotte NC. In this article, we discuss the main types of events that bring people together at SMS Venue grounds and facilities.

Events are a special part of life – they are a way to celebrate a milestone, and to create an experience that one will remember for years to come. It is, therefore, pressing for you to want your event to be perfect in its amplitude and enjoyable to all who attend it. At SMS Catering, we can guarantee that you can have any event hosted with the assurance and peace of mind that it will be handled at its best.

As one of North Carolina’s leading caterers, we have over 40 years of experience and expertise in the field of hosting events. In addition to catering, we can also provide a venue space for your event. From a fountain courtyard and lawn games to flat-screens and projectors, our event space will help cultivate a grand experience for both indoor and outdoor gatherings and celebrations. With our seasoned staff and up-to-date facilities, our team can guarantee that all your guests will have nothing short of an outstanding experience – no matter what your event may be.

Below are some of the many events that we host in our banquet hall:

Watch Parties:

In our years of operation, we have hosted hundreds of watch parties for a variety of occasions. From football and baseball telecasts to political events to Television premiers and more, we can easily host such events for any size of gatherings. We have a 9x12 projector along with wireless internet access, which will easily allow you to screen media at a high audio and video quality – be it sports events, TV premier shows, or election results. If needed, we can arrange a podium as well. We also have a large collection of seating arrangements and can help accommodate all of your guests with ease and elegance.

Business Events and Fundraisers:

Looking to host an event for your business or non-profit? We can easily convert our banquet hall into a fabulous venue for your next corporate meeting, fundraiser gala, auction, or art exhibit. We have a stellar venue, a large and smartly designed hall that can fit a large number of people and a fully professional staff dedicated to providing the best catering service – all of which allow you to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied.


Reunions are events that happen only a few times in one’s lifetime. We can help you make such events even more memorable with our services. We host a variety of reunions, from school reunions to college sorority and fraternity reunions, to Family reunions and even civic group reunions. We can easily customize our banquet hall to suit the kind of reunion you would like to host and make arrangements for music for entertainment, and screens and projectors to host your slide shows with ease.

Social Events:

Social events are overwhelming as it is, and the last thing you would need on your plate is to bear the burden to have to search for a suitable venue. At SMS catering, we have extensive experience in arranging all kinds of social events – be it a wedding reception, a birthday, a marriage anniversary, a baby shower, business success, a retirement party, or simply a big get together among you and your friends. Our catering services are top-notch, our ambience is captivating, and we provide the best of Southern cuisine prepared by our chefs, who have decades of culinary experience and expertise with them.


From collaborate to casual fun, there are definitely plenty of reasons to get people together to share food and drink. Whatever your reason maybe, check out SMS Venue and Catering options in Charlotte NC for your next event. If there is anything we cannot provide, you can rest easy knowing we will recommend the best of the best in town. Take a virtual tour of our space or, call or email us to request an in-person tour. We are sure you will be impressed with what SMS has to offer you!